you want

gummy worms

annnnd you want to cut back on sugar

Illustration of a fictional purple sugar bag labeled 'NASTY Processed Sugar.'

buuuuut low-sugar gummy worms taste awful 🤮

Hand making a 'crossed fingers' gesture over a purple snack packet.

(oh and you really don't want to look like a low-sugar nerd 🤓)

meet Rotten

A vibrant green hand holding an assortment of colorful gummy worms.

a lower sugar alternative to big gummy worm

how much less sugar?

60% less than the leading brand

and unlike low-sugar gummies that taste like trash 🗑️

Rotten gummy worms taste incredible

A stylized image of figs, a bowl of sugar, and spices on a colorful background.

you're probably wondering

how can it be so delicious, yet 60% less sugar?

we hold back on sugars by using a unique new ingredient called


which naturally occurs in fruits like figs and raisins

A stylized image of figs, a bowl of sugar, and spices on a colorful background.

it tastes sweet but doesn't act like sugar in your body, which means no crazy blood sugar spikes!

Two packages of 'Rotten' gummy worms candy with a cartoon zombie and scattered gummies in front.

you need to try these worms

see why 100s of happy customers have rated Rotten ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A stylized image of figs, a bowl of sugar, and spices on a colorful background.

they come in sour and original

how sour is the sour?

exactly the right amount of sour

(unless you hate sour stuff, then maybe they're too sour for you)

ok, that's enough, you're ready

try Rotten now:

Share Size Combo Starter 2-Pack

Colorful gummy worms packaging with cartoonish graphics and actual candy in front.

1x Sour XL Share Size Bag


1x Original XL Share Size Bag

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(20% off!)

200+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reviews

if you're not ready yet, keep scrolling:


big gummy worm

contains LESS than 10 grams of sugar

sickeningly delicious

natural colors and flavors

contains ZERO high fructose corn syrup

doesn't make you look like a low-sugar loving nerd!

not so much fiber it makes you feel like 💩

"Leading" Brand

"Healthy" Brand

what real people said about Rotten gummy worms:

As Freak-tured In...

"You're missing out if you haven't snagged a case!"

"I see that and I think, hell yeah!"

"A gory, nostalgic kick!"

Perfect Amount Of Sweetness

"Totally delighted and surprised how easy it was to eat a whole bag of these in one sitting! The flavors are fantastic and I love having a better for you candy option for my kids who ALSO loved the flavors!"

Angela M.

Radically Rotten Worms

"Reminds me of playdates with my friends after elementary school in the 90's, but better. It's crazy to me how delicious these worms are and that they have 60% less sugar than that big gummy worm brand. Worth the price."

Barry H.

Sickeningly Delicious!

“I really liked them! I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't have the artificial sugar taste like other gummies that have similar calorie amounts. They satisfied my gummy worm and sour cravings!"

Celia M.


"A gummy that rivals the gummy goliaths… only these aren't poison! Seriously these are too good. I ordered a whole box ate them way too fast. Nice work Rotten. These worms are truly sick, in the best way."

Tyler F.

Hundreds of Happy Customers

The Best Sour Candy Period!

“I’m such a huge fan of these gummy worms! Guilt free a texture like no other, perfect balance of sour and sweet! Ten out of ten!”

Logan A.

Life Changing

“Been looking for a healthier gummy worm for YEARS (big candy lover) and these scratch the itch but with no weird after taste or chemicals. 1000/10 would recommend”

Charles S.


"THE BEST. Ive been looking for low sugar candy forever that doesn’t taste like absolute dog d***. WELL, here it is!! FEED YOUR F****** FREAK. These are the best gummy worms I have eaten, do not even taste like a healthier alternative. All Hail ROTTEN."

Nick H.

So good, I had to grab another

“The sour was just the perfect amount! I believe you’ve hit the snail smack on the head. The original flavor is tastier, but I feel like it’s more a 7. Didn’t want to take away from the way it mixed with sour. So good. Thinking about the sour.”

Glenn L.

Great Tasting, Less Sugar And So Fun!

“Really liked these products and loved that they have a lot less sugar, but are still great tasting. I especially liked the sour variety. As a child of the 90s, the graphics fuel my nostalgia and are super fun. Also really like the packaging.”

Alex G.

Amazing Worms!

Super Gummy, sweet but not too sweet where you feel your mouth rotting. The sour worms are Gummy and Super sour perfect texture and again not crazy sweet. The packaging brings me back to my retro 90s with the amazing creepy and fun artwork. What can I say 10/10. Bulk orders here I come!”

Mac M.

still unsure?!
here's 5 reasons:

1. You Love Delicious Candy And Want To Keep It Healthy!

Unlike other gummies, Rotten worms won't turn your guts into goo! Our worms are made without any artificial ingredients and are free from the sugar alcohols and excessive fiber that often result in uncomfortable digestive issues.

Rotten Gummy Worms have a totally reasonable amount of sugar and is 60% less sugar than traditional gummy candies (that's 8g sugar per serving, compared to 20g from the leading brand), allowing you to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to worry about a crazy sugar crash. Instead of processed sugar, Rotten sweetens our gummies with allulose, a low-glycemic sweetener found naturally in foods like figs and raisins.

2. Monstrous Flavor: Sour and Original

You no longer have to sacrifice on taste to cut back on sugar. Rotten makes two flavors: Sour and Original. For the uninitiated, each bite of our Sour Gummy Worms is packed full of tongue-twisting but perfectly-balanced tartness that will leave your tastebuds in a tizzy. For those with a more refined palette, our Original Gummy Worms have a perfectly chewy bite that finishes with a refreshing burst of real fruit flavor.

Not sure which is for you? Get one of each!

3. You Hate How Nasty Low-Sugar Candy Tastes

Those other low-sugar gummies taste like crap and make you feel like crap. You don't have to sacrifice taste to cut back on sugar.

When we started this company, we left no worm unturned to ensure our gummies would be nothing short of sickeningly delicious! That's why we worked for over two years with a team of scientists (yes, REAL scientists with PhD's in chemistry) to develop our formula. We then subjected our worms to multiple rounds of feedback with the help of over 500 gummy taste testers to make sure Rotten tastes just like the candy from your childhood. 

4. You're Not Boring, Why Should Your Candy Be?

You don't want to look like a low-sugar loving nerd! Inspired by the gross-out culture of our childhood, Rotten embraces the freaky, fun side of candy. Slurping our gummy worms will transport your tongue back in time to an era ruled by neon packaging and bold flavors.

Our gummies are perfect for movie nights, tabletop gaming events, karaoke parties, traffic snacking, demolition derbies, figure skating competitions, laboratory dissections, gifting to loved ones, gifting to enemies, gifting to strangers… the list goes on and on!

5. You Can Buy Them Directly From Us And Save

By now, you want to put these worms in your mouth right now! We're working hard to bring Rotten to your favorite local retailers, but we're a small independent business and these things take time. That's why the best way to buy Rotten Gummy Worms is right here, directly from us.

Order a box today and share some worms with your freakiest friends and family! Or slurp them all by yourself - whatever floats your boat!

Plus, if you subscribe, you'll save 20% on every order and you'll get a free gift on your 3rd, 6th, and 12th orders.

what are you waiting for?

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