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At Rotten, we’re passionately focused on three things:

1. Recreating the in-your-face experience of eating our favorite nostalgic candy.

2. Making a product that is better for you but really tastes like it shouldn’t be – no awful sugar crash and still tastes like candy! That’s why Rotten gummy worms are made with 60% less sugar and are free from artificial ingredients.

3. TV-14 gross out humor like the kind in the cartoon shows your parents HATED when you were a kid.

So strap some rocket skates to your tongue and blast off on a bonkers thrill ride of taste and texture!

who the hell came up with this?!

meet dr. rufus p. rotten

Rufus P. Rotten was born on June 9th, 1969, in the northeastern Slime Flats of southwest Oozelvania (just past the Popping Pus Gardens, if you hit the Grunge Geyser, you’ve gone too far) to parents Milos and Zoya (née Slimeanov).

From a very early age, it was apparent that Dr. Rotten had something special inside of him when it came to creating culinary snack food wonders and gross out gag gifts. His dissertation on fart bombs and their role in the Industrial Revolution and his discovery of a previously unknown level of sour led him to, at age 13, a full scholarship to the prestigious Grossmore Regents University in Boston, the most famous and selective higher learning institution in Massachusetts.

Memories of the sugar mines that were built over his favorite mud pits in Oozelvania and the resulting Fructose Wars with the Republic of CornSyrupa fueled Dr. Rotten’s determination to create an in-your-face flavored snack that didn’t rely on lots of sugar. G.R.U.B.’s undefeated underwater chess team was a lot of fun too (Go Worms!).

After graduating with a dual degree in Freakonomics and Dessert Chemistry, Dr. Rotten signed a two-year contract with a rural Canadian minor league hockey team due to a case of mistaken identity and a couple of misplaced Oxford commas. (He still holds the league record for most own-goals in a season.)

After that, Dr. Rotten set up his own laboratory with the sole purpose to complete his quest for the perfect low-sugar candy. After years of experiments and attempts, Dr. Rotten created his gummy worms, and upon his first bite into them, it was with those worms that the something special in Dr. Rotten came out, literally, in the form of a mohawked little freak named Franky! But that’s another story.

what the freak!?

a deep dive on freakulonics

Ever since Dr. Rotten’s discovery that his Rotten Gummy Worms were the key to unleashing your inner freak, he has become the preeminent expert in Freakulonics, thanks in no small part to his own personal freak, Franky.

Franky Freak (Freakus Funktabularis) stands anywhere from 2 feet to 4 feet tall, depending on the position of the moon. His mohawk and eyes change color based on his mood and he is a huge fan of ‘90s German Industrial Heavy Metal Polka.

Franky is a thrill seeker, a chaos connoisseur. There’s no such thing as too loud or too late. Franky doesn’t know the meaning of the word, “reserved”...literally, he doesn’t. Franky, like all freaks, is fructose intolerant. Anything with too much sugar results in Freak-only butt bombs that could strip the paint off of aircraft carriers. Franky’s bifurcated tongue is covered in tastebuds that respond to fruit and extreme sour, so Rotten Gummy Worms are a freak’s perfect food.

While much has been written about Franky, there is still a ton to learn about Freaks. Like fingerprints and farts, each person has a unique freak within them, and only Rotten Gummy Worms can let them out. In the name of science and extreme snacking, grab your bag of Rotten Gummy Worms and feed your freak!



$29.99 | 8-Pack


$29.99 | 8-Pack

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