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Don’t let your guts turn to goo!

Sugar? Eww!

We believe the disgusting delights of gummy worms shouldn’t come at the cost of your health. That’s why Dr. Rotten and his clones have concocted a sickeningly delicious recipe with 60% less sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

Plus, freaks hate sugar! Better for your freak, better for you!
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rotten gummy worms

Worms love us too!

Compostable Packaging that ROTS!

Here at Rotten, we pride ourselves in the preservation of our precious planet. That’s why every single bag of Rotten Gummy Worms is packaged using 100% compostable materials that are guaranteed to ROT!

Unlike the usual plastic nasties, our bags are constructed from plants - not petroleum - and are designed to break down at your local compost facility. The remainder of our packaging (cartons, shipping boxes, tape, etc.) is made from sustainable paper sources that come from FSC-certified forests.

Rotten - better for the worms, better for the world! Want to know more? Send us some maggots in the mail.

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Prepare to freak out on this trash!

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Instructions: Plastic nasties are destroying our planet with single-use-packaging that never rots. Help Franky Freak save humanity by blasting away the trash.

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