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90s Candy: The Ultimate List Of Your Favorite Nostalgic Sweets

Hey, grown-ups! Remember the good old days when your biggest worry was whether you had enough quarters to buy all the candy you wanted at the corner store? Now, you're stuck with grown-up problems like bills, mortgages, and adulting (not to mention the cavities caused by all the candy you ate!).

Take a trip down memory lane with this list of your favorite nostalgic sweets from the age of The Fresh Prince, Charlie’s Angels, and the Spice Girls!


32 Best 90s Candy and Treats


Gummy Worms: Little Wiggly Rainbows of Flavor in Your Mouth

Gummy worms, those sugary sidekicks of your childhood. These squiggly critters were like hidden treasures in the candy store bulk bins, offering sweetness in various flavors. Plus, they were multitaskers – snacks, jewelry, and potential fish bait (results may vary). 

Gummy worms don’t have to be buried in your past - our lab has resurrected these freaky little invertebrates, but with 60% less sugar and compostable packaging. Check out our sickeningly delicious gummy worms and get your FREAK on, if you dare!

Airheads: Fluffy and Delicious, Like Eating a Cloud…of Sugar

Ah, Airheads, the chewy, tangy, neon bars of candy that were basically the '90s equivalent of edible slap bracelets! I mean, who needed fruit when you could have a rainbow of artificial flavors like Blue Raspberry squished into a sugary strip? 

Creme Savers: Candy With a Double Life

Creme Savers, the candy with a sweet mullet twist. Two-toned and versatile, they offer a creamy center with a hard candy exterior - business in the front, party in the back. Enjoy it any way you like, and let your taste buds join the mullet party!


Baby Bottle Pop: Lollipop Top, Powdered Sugar Bottom

Baby Bottle Pop


Baby Bottle Pops, where Willy Wonka met baby showers, offering a sugar rush that outshone Hypercolor shirts.


Dark Chocolate: Which of These Things is Not Like the Others?

Dark chocolate, or as I like to call it, "Bitterville in a Wrapper." It’s like the overzealous librarian of the candy world, shushing your taste buds and telling them to appreciate the nuances of cocoa while you secretly yearn for the sweet embrace of milk chocolate.


Candy Buttons: Practical Joke By the Candy Industry
Candy buttons were the true test of patience and precision – one wrong move, and you'd be nibbling through paper like you were on a desperate mission to uncover the elusive candy core.


Milk Chocolate Pumpkins: Halloween Conspiracy

Milk chocolate pumpkins were like the background extras in the Halloween candy lineup – you didn't really notice them until you were desperate for a sugar fix, and even then, you'd wish you'd gone for the real Halloween candy heavy hitters. 

Candy Necklace: Part Jewelry, Part Snack, All Sugar Rush


Candy Necklace


These weren't just necklaces; they were a fashion statement, a snack, and a test of your dental endurance all in one. Candy necklaces were the perfect mix of style and risk, and the slimiest excuse to not have to share your candy with your friends.


Crazy Dips: Flavor Carnival Roulette

Crazy Dips were the '90s candy that was like a Willy Wonka experiment gone right. A hard candy lollipop dipped in a pouch of popping candy that was like a party in your mouth, a flavor explosion that made your taste buds dance and your tongue sing.


Bubble Gum Cigarettes: Gateway Candy to Imaginary Lung Disease

These bubble gum smokes came in packs that looked like they were plucked straight from a black-and-white detective film. You'd flip open the top, to find chalky, sugary cylinders that said, "I'm too cool for elementary school, and I have a dentist appointment tomorrow."


Face Twisters Candy Dough: Create, Play, and Eat

Get ready to pucker up, buttercup, because this candy modeling clay dares to defy the ordinary and twist your taste buds into delicious knots. It's a sweet rebellion that'll have you questioning everything you thought you knew about candy.


Chocolate Cigarettes: Sweet Rebellion

Chocolate Cigarettes

These little beauties were like our initiation into the world of pseudo-adulthood, a rite of passage that allowed us to mimic the sophistication of our parents while giggling at the irony of it all. While the grown-ups were puffing away on Marlboros, we were puffing on delicious cocoa, undoubtedly with the same level of sophistication.


Gummy Blue Raspberry Rings: If Smurfs Made Candy Jewelry

These sugary jewelry pieces were as if a team of mad scientists decided to extract the essence of blue raspberries (which, let's be honest, aren't even a real fruit) and turn them into chewy bling for our taste buds.


Peanut Butter Bars: The Squares That Dare to Be Bland

These candies came individually wrapped like superhero sidekicks, ready to save us from the perils of mid-afternoon hunger. But when you tore into one, you were met with a taste that could only be described as "restrained peanut." 


Gummy Blue Sharks: If Smurfs Made Man-eating Ocean Predators

Gummy Blue Sharks

Du-dum, du-dum, du-dum...these candy sharks were the apex predators of the candy ecosystem, and we '90s kids knew how to rule the candy kingdom with these little aquatic rebels. 


Fruit Slices: (or Fruit Pretenders)

These sticky, neon wedges were like the nutritional equivalent of trying to convince your parents that ketchup counted as a vegetable. 


Gummi Mini Burgers: Tiny, Edible Enigmas

Want some fries with that? These culinary oddities were like the fast food of the candy universe, except with zero nutritional value and a whole lot of "What on Earth are we eating?" vibes. 


Pixy Stix: Magic Dust of Hyperactivity

These colorful paper straws of pure sugar were like the cocaine of the playground – socially accepted and surprisingly legal. 


Squeeze Candy: Toothpaste Tube of Dental Anarchy

Forget brushing your teeth, just squeeze out a rainbow blob of sugary goo and swish it around your mouth like a true dental delinquent.


Fun Dip: Candy Wheel of Fortune

Fun Dip

Fun Dip, the candy that required you plunge that sugary stick into the neon powder with all the precision of a brain surgeon, only to risk dropping it on the playground asphalt, crushing your hopes, dreams, and dental hygiene ambitions all in one fell swoop. 


Spray Candy: Sugary Super Soaker For Your Tongue

Spray candy, because why sip a soda when you can shoot a sugar stream directly into your mouth?


Smarties Candy Rolls: Pretentious Pastels

Let's be honest, Smarties were like the beige crayon in the candy box, a snack that whispered, "I'm candy, but not the exciting kind."


Nerds Rope: Technicolor Flavor Rollercoaster

A long, colorful gummy strand, soft and chewy, covered in tiny, crunchy Nerds candies  - a kaleidoscope of fruity flavors.

Nerds: Tiny, Tangy Taste Tornadoes


The beauty of Nerds is in their duality – they're both crisp and chewy, delivering an unforgettable textural adventure. 


Charms Blow Pops: Dental Dilemmas on a Stick

This sugary double agent of the candy world offered both a quick sugar fix and a puzzling gum center that was determined to cling to your teeth like a persistent ex. 


Sweetarts Giant Chewy Candy: Mutant Jellybean

These behemoth candies were like a rock star who lost their edge when they switched to pop music - unsatisfying and annoying.

Bubble Tape: Bubble Gum Overdose

Bubble Tape

Bubble Tape gum is like the rebellious sibling of the measuring tape, trading precision for absurdly long strips of gum that promise to measure fun in feet, not inches!


Slime Licker: Because Who Needs Normal Candy?

This wacky creation was like a science experiment gone deliciously wrong, offering a double-dose of both slime and questionable flavor choices. 


Gummy Bears: Chewy Commandos

Gummy Bears

Wobbly, squishable -  like a miniature army of chewy confections ready to wage war on your taste buds with their cunning cuteness. Don’t forget the hierarchy among the bears. Red, green, and orange were the candy elites, while the clear bears were the outcasts.


Twizzlers: The Strawberry-Flavored Enigma

These chewy, red ropes were like the pop stars of the candy aisle, strutting their stuff and promising a dance party in your mouth, only to leave you with a taste that was closer to strawberry-scented plastic. 


Viennetta dessert: High Society Diva

This layered ice cream dessert has a creamy wafer texture with plenty of delectable dark chocolate sprinkles on top - classy on the outside, but a hilarious mess when you dig in.


Cookie Crisps Cereal: Breakfast Rebellion

Our secret weapon against parental breakfast tyranny, a defiant crunch in a world of tasteless, whole-grain oppression.



Age is just a number, and the joy of relishing '90s classics like gummy worms, Laffy Taffy, and Toxic Waste sour candies knows no bounds. Candy isn't just for kiddie parties; it's a universal delight! So, go ahead, spoil yourself with a colorful candy stash for your next movie night and time travel back to the '90s when life was all about fun and flavor. Craving the days of carefree munching on gummy worms? Well, look no further because a treasure trove of bulk candy is just a few clicks away with Eat Rotten!

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