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75 greatest gifts for skateboarders: unleash your inner shredder

75 Greatest Gifts for Skateboarders: Unleash Your Inner Shredder

The Rundown: Calling all skaters and shred-heads! We've compiled the ultimate gift guide of the sickest, savviest presents for skaters of any and every skill level. Whether you're shopping for a beginner, an intermediate rider, or a seasoned pro, we've got you covered. Got a shredder in your life this holiday season? Read on!



Skating isn’t just for getting around – it’s a way of life. Starting all the way back in the 1940s,  skateboard culture has swept across the globe, captivating characters of all ages and backgrounds. Spearheaded by tricksome trailblazers like the legendary Tony Hawk, skateboarding has evolved into more than just a sport; it's an art form, a lifestyle, and a sickening symbol of rebellion, recklessness, and self-expression. For those who revel in the ride, the rush of wind as you bomb a huge hill, the moment of weightlessness as you take a ten stair – skateboard culture is not just a pastime. It’s freedom itself!


Delving into the rich history of skateboarding reveals a culture that has thrived on pushing perimeters and defying norms. From gritty streets and screaming security guards to the ready-to-ride pipes, bowls and banks of skate parks, skaters have sculpted a unique language, a lyrical lexicon that resonates with those in the know. Intimidated by the linguistic learning curve? Fear not! Start your journey with this guide to skate lingo, and you'll be schmoozing with shredders in no time!


But when it comes to pleasing that special skater someone, lingo alone won’t do the trick. Navigating the radical reams of options at local skate shops and online retailers might seem a sickening (in the bad way) task, but fear not, fellow gift-givers. We've curated a comprehensive catalog of the 75 greatest gifts for skateboarders. Every item here is guaranteed to fuel their shredding fire and uplift their kickflips to new heights! Whether your loved one is a seasoned pro or a green-as-grass grom (check the lingo), our gift guide provides ideas for every skill level and price point. Join us on this excellent adventure as we uncover the sickest selections to complement the free and freaky, wild world of skateboarding.


75 Glorious Gifts for the Shredder In Your Life

Here's our gift guide to help you find the most radically real offering for your fav skater:


Skateboard Tools


Gear up for deck domination as we dive into the coolest tools available for the skater in need. Because let's face it, a skater's toolkit is as essential as the board itself. Whether it's safety, maintenance or customization you’re after, you won’t be getting far without some of the doohickeys below!


1. Skateboard Tool Kit: Level up your skate game with this all-in-one tool kit, and you'll be ready to tweak, tighten, and tune your board in to time for the sickest tricks. The T tool alone is a must for any new shredder taking their wheels for a spin!

2. Precision Skate Bearings: Boost your speed and performance with these precision bearings for the smoothest coasting imaginable – as every skater knows, it's all about the ride!

3. Grip Tape Enhancer: Maximize your control with grip tape enhancer, delivering extra, well, grip, for those gravity-defying feats. Actually staying on top of your board is step number 1!

4. Skateboard Truck Wrench: Truck tightness is a matter of preference, and different styles of skating depend on different tensions. Why not give yourself the option to adjust on the fly? Plus, you don’t want ‘em TOO loose! Ride with confidence using this sleek and compact skateboard wrench – an essential tool for anyone hitting the pavement.

5. Board Balance Trainer: Need to up your grind game? Master your balance with the Board Balance Trainer – the secret weapon for nailing those rails, and a great gift for any aspiring pro.

6. Slide Butterballs Wheels: Need your deck to get Tokyo Drifting? Slide into your ride with these Butterballs Wheels, offering a buttery blend of speed and precision for the ultimate skid-a-thon experience.

7. Rechargeable Skateboard Headlights: Light up your night rides with these rechargeable headlights, for a touch of flair (and maybe even safety) for your after-dark shred sesh.

8. Universal Skateboard Wrench: If you’re skating in the known universe, you’re gonna need the universal skate wrench. Adjust any part of your board (or a friend’s!) with this indispensable tool for skaters on the go.
Universal Skateboard Wrench9. Board Blazers Under-Board Lights: Want to turn some heads? Illuminate your deck with some under-board lights for an extra dose of flare! More aesthetic than practical, these will still let ‘em know you’re coming when you’re out for an evening ride.

10. Foldable Skateboard: If a full-size board is too cumbersome, try this portable product and take your shred to go! Compact and foldable, this delightful doodad will fit right in your backpack.

11. Skate Wax: Wiping out on a rail isn’t fun… trust us! Get that perfect grind every time with skate wax – the go-to solution for smoother slides and epic rail runs for all skill levels. A grand tour of grind, if you will!

12. Skateboard Trucks: Just because they don’t catch the eye doesn’t mean they’re not important! A pair of top-notch trucks will enhance stability and maneuverability for an unmatched ride.
Skateboard Trucks

Skate Fashion


Dress to impress on and off the ramps with our go-to gift guide of the trendiest skater fits – discover the must-haves for any shredder gearing up to grind! Wallet or puffer jacket, t-shirt or backpack - we've got fun gift ideas your shredder will love to wear.

13. Skate Backpack: Headed for the skate park? Carry your essentials in style with a skate backpack – designed for skaters on the go, this handy bag perfectly blends functionality with fashion.

14. Skate T Shirt: Rep your fav skate brands with a top-notch T shirt designed to showcase your passion for sickening streetwear. Consider moisture wicking fabric so you won't get weighed down. This freak-tacular t-shirt from Rotten will definitely get them talking!

15. Skater Hoodies: Stay warm in style during any skate sesh with a sick hoodie, blending comfort and culture for the ultimate fit. There are oodles of brands to choose from but make sure the material is designed for breathable warmth and is moisture wicking. No one wants to smell those pits!Skater Hoodies16. Skater Hats: Top your ensemble with the perfect bucket hat or beanie – a must-have for any rider of fine taste, and the capstone to every kickflip. A great gift that won't break the bank!

17. No-Slip No Bounce Sunglasses: The idea is to have your board go flying. Not your sunglasses! Shield your eyes while looking, you know it, sick as hell, with these no-slip no bounce sunglasses – the ultimate eyewear for your high-flying maneuvers.

18. Ankle Support Skate Shoes: Kickflip in confidence with these high quality skate shoes, crafted for safety, performance and fashion. Let’s make sure those feet are up to the task. Nothing is less cool than a broken ankle!

19. Skateboard Protective Gloves: Look, sometimes you’re gonna go flying, and when you do you’ll be happy these were there to break your fall! Protect those mitts while pulling off daring tricks with a new pair of sleek, durable skateboard gloves – because safety can be stylish too. We promise.

20. Skater Shorts: Free those knees! Combine comfort and style with skater shorts – durable and dare we say distinguished, these shorts bestow unrestricted movement and a laid-back vibe all in one.

21. Skater Jackets: We can’t all live in Southern California. Brave the elements in a jacket designed for the task! A defined look in its own right, puffer jackets are a great way to go since they look sick and pack down small in a backpack.

22. Foldable Skate Carrying Backpack: Carry your gear with no muss no fuss in this foldable skate carrying backpack – compact, convenient, and ready for your next ride.

23. Skate Wallet: If you wanna buy snacks or… well, let’s stick with snacks, while you’re out skating, you gotta put that cash somewhere! Level up your accessory game with a new wallet – choose chain, velcro, or even recyclable materials for an eco-friendly option.

24. Glass Skateboard Hand Pipe: Speaking of not snacks… take a break with this hand pipe shaped like your ride – a fun and artistic way to share anything you might have on hand.

25. Skate Deck Side Table:
Bring the skatepark into your space with a side table made from recycled skateboards – functional and fun in one, and a great addition for every shredder’s pad. If you’re looking for other stuff made from sick skateboard recyclables, check out this page on Pinterest!

26. Skate-related Investment Stocks:
One of our more high ticket items, for sure, but always an option. Invest fully in the skater lifestyle with stocks from your favorite publicly traded skate company – choose wisely and you could be skating in style for the rest of your days.

27. Electric Skateboard: Sometimes you don’t wanna push, you just wanna ride. Get electrified with an electric skateboard and you can cruise away, uphill or otherwise, for as long as you’ve got a charge!

28. Blank Skateboard Deck:
Feeling confined by the ready-made options of all the skate decks on offer? Why not do your own thing with a blank skateboard deck – make it your own, or let the curbs and rails do their thing for something more abstract.

29. Hydro Subskate:
If James Bond had a skateboard. Or Jesus? Dive into the Hydro Subskate experience – a gravity-defying deck that lets you shred over land and water alike.

30. Professional Skatepark Grind Rail:
Want to grind at home? Bring the skate park to you with a professional grind rail – a few months of practice and they won’t know what hit ‘em.Professional Skatepark Grind Rail31. Fold-Up Skateboard: Fold, roll, and go – the ultimate solution for skaters on the move. Be ready to ride anytime, anywhere. That’s the skater’s code!

32. Bounce Board for Trampolines:
Turn your trampoline into a skatepark with the Bounce Board – the perfect way to catch some low-risk high-flying airtime. Another great way to practice in peace!

33. Skateboard Surf Adapter:
Get the full flux of a wave under you with this excellent adapter. You’ll think you were surfing on concrete! Finally, the allure of a big swell isn’t left to our aquatic cousins!

34. Skateboard LED Kit: Light up your life and your ride with a skateboard LED Kit – a dazzling doohickey that’ll send you grinding in rainbows for all your nighttime shreds.

35. Complete New Skateboard Setup for Beginners:
Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. Might as well be at the beginning! Get off on the right foot (get it?) with the perfect beginner's board – the ideal companion for those taking their first ride.

36. Ramp Kits for DIY Skate Adventures:
Build your own skate park paradise with Ramp Kits. This DIY solution lets your tricks fly as far as your imagination – in your own backyard.


Skateboard Accessories


Unleash your skater’s paradise (shredder’s Shangri-La, if you will) with our roundup of these raddest skateboard accessories. Whether they help you trick out your ride, room, or radical aesthetic, these gifts are the ultimate companions for thrill-seekers of all ages!

37. Skateboard Decks: The more decks the better! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, nothing gets the wheel’s spinning quite like a fresh canvas. Express yourself with different designs, shred the streets with a deck for every season, or experiment with different setups. The choice is yours!

38. Skateboard Wheels: Another integral piece of the puzzle. Elevate your game with extra wheels – there’s always room to experiment with different materials and sizes. The maneuverability of smaller wheels allows for nimble tricks, while larger ones accommodate heavy duty cruising, ensuring an exhilarating ride tailored to any style and preference. And while you’re at it, bearings make for a great gift too!Skateboard Wheels39. Metal Skateboard Sign: Whether plucked from the actual streets or store-bought for your (legal) convenience, metal signs make for an edgy addition to any skater's pad. Go wild!

40. Shoulder Skateboard Carry Strap:
For skaters on the go, nothing beats a hands-free (claws-free, if you’re freaky) option. Streamline your skate sessions with a skateboard shoulder carry strap – the ultimate jetset solution. Never be without your board again!

41. Skate Backpacks:
No skater worth their mettle leaves home without a backpack. Shred in style with a bag designed especially for the task! You can pack your sandwich. Or your spray paint.

42. Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers: Old or young, spend your days skating are your feet are gonna take a beating! Treat those toes with some acupressure foot massage slippers – the perfect relaxation solution for skaters in need of some after session pampering.

43. Shiatsu Back Massager:
If you thought those toes were tired, just wait for your back. You skaters pushin’ 30 know what I’m talking about. Unwind after a sesh with a Shiatsu back massager – the perfect remedy for lovin’ those lats.

44. High-Quality Water Bottle:
Dehydrated? Rookie mistake. Keep quenched in style with a durable water bottle – a must-have accessory on the go. Real skaters stay wet, you know what I’m sayin’?

45. Road ID Identification Bracelet: Like it or not, skating’s a dangerous game, and sometimes people get hurt. Skate in peace with a Road ID Identification Bracelet – a safety essential that helps out your loved ones, even for skaters who are too cool for school!

46. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set:
Wipe out on a ten stair and don’t know what to do with yourself? Revitalize your body and mind with an acupressure mat and pillow set – the bee’s knees of recovery setups.

47. Paint Pens:
Customize your deck with vibrant vistas using paint pens – yeah, just your deck, these are only for use on your personal property…

48. Hydro Flask with Skateboard Design: Another way to stay hydrated in style! Keep cool with the Hydro Flask featuring a skateboard design – a snazzy sidekick for your sweatiest sessions.

49. Knee and Elbow Pads:
Too cool for protective pads? Well you don’t look so cool with a skinned knee! Tend to your tenders and never leave home without knee and elbow pads – essential accessories for any skater pushing their limits.

50. Waterproof Speakers:
Bring the beats to the skatepark with Waterproof Speakers – you can even take ‘em for a swim after! That is, if you didn’t empty your swimming pool.

51. Bluetooth Headphones: Skating solo? Drown out the din with Bluetooth Headphones – the perfect soundtrack is up to you.Bluetooth Headphones52. Massage Gun: Another option for those rough nights after long rides. Treat those tendons with a Massage Gun – they’re not just for dads, okay?

53. Parking Block Skateboard Storage: Just because you skateboard does not mean your room has to be messy! Organize your gear with the Parking Block Skateboard Storage – a sleek solution for the organizationally impaired.

54. Shoe Goo for Skate Shoes:
Extend the life of your coolest kicks with Shoe Goo – the go-to glue for torn shoes. Okay, I’m out of rhymes.

55. Insoles for Skateboarders: Cruise in comfort with a pair of cushioned insoles – as we’ve established, you don’t gotta be a boomer to be comfy!

56. Skateboarding Lego Mini Figure: Bring the skatepark home with Lego Mini Figures – fun collectibles for skaters of all ages. Try ‘em with a Tech Deck for extra mileage.Skateboarding Lego Mini Figure57. Skateboard Stickers: Deck out your deck. Self-expression requires stickers, they teach you that in school. Check out these rad stickers from Rotten!

58. Tony Hawk's Skateboarding Master Class: Learn from the legend himself with Tony Hawk's Skateboarding Class – an amazing experience for any skater looking to learn. We should all be so lucky!

59. At-Home Skate Launch Ramp and Rail: Bring the ramps right to your doorstep with the At-Home Skate Launch Ramp and Rail – perfect for practice, and always convenient.

60. Skateboard LED Neon Sign:
Light up your life, and your pad, with the Skateboard LED Neon Sign – an eye-catching addition for any skater's sanctuary.

61. Gel Ice Pack for Post-Skate Recovery: Accidents happen! And when they do, you’ll be happy you’ve got a Gel Ice Pack for Post-Skate Recovery – because every skater deserves a cool-down that's as CHILL as their ride. Get it?

62. GoPro Camera: Amateur cinematographers rejoice! Capture every flip, flop, and ollie with the GoPro Camera – essential gear for any aspiring skate documentarian.

63. First Aid Emergency Kit:
Safety first, okay kids? Always be prepared with a First Aid Emergency Kit – a must-have for any skater walking out their front door.

Skate Session Sustenance


Fuel your skate sesh with some tasty treats as we roll into the world of skate snacks – from energy bars to sour gummy worms, these sick snacks are the perfect companions for skaters on a delicious ride to flavortown! Wait… did we come up with that?

64. Energy Bars: Refuel for your ride with Energy Bars – a heavenly (and handy) snack that keeps your energy levels soaring. Just like your board. Hopefully.

65. Trail Mix: Munch a lunch! This classic blends nuts, fruits, and chocolate so that you can keep skating to your actual heart’s content.

Fresh Fruit: Mother Nature's ready-made meals - a natural and nutritious way to recharge during skate breaks.

67. Chocolate Milk: Glug some of this cafeteria classic for a tasty and protein-packed recovery drink – look, if kids can use massage guns then adults can drink chocolate milk!

68. Bananas:
This time Mother Nature even supplied her own wrapper – so get down with the ideal fuel for skaters looking for a natural energy boost.

69. Peanut Butter Crackers: Crunch on this savory and protein-packed pick for a robust bite that’ll keep you shredding for hours.

70. Handful of Nuts:
The perfect on-the-go arrangement for extra energy along the way. Why not try… more than a handful?
Handful of Nuts71. Granola Bars: It turns out your mom was right. They really are the greatest!

Pretzels: A classic and crunchy choice for skaters seeking a salty and satisfying bite. Go Snyders or go home, as they say.

73. Popcorn: Not just for the movies! A light and fluffy treat that won’t weigh down your ride.

74. Rotten Sour Gummy Worms:
Add a tongue-tingling twist to your snack game with Rotten's Sour Gummy Worms – the freak-tacular treat that adds a burst of sour delight to any trip to the skate park. Not only are they sickeningly delish, they have 60% less sugar and are made from 100% compostable packaging.

75. Skateboard Survival Kit: An smorgasBOARD, if you will, of skating accessories and gift cards! If you can't decide on the best gifts for your shredder, consider a great big gift basket filled with skateboarding treasures and gift cards. Easy peasy!



With this, the greatest guide ever formulated (yeah, that’s right) to the sickest gifts the world of skateboarding has to offer, you're sure to find the perfect present for the skater in your life (no matter how rascally). So, whether you're shopping for a grom (there we go again with the lingo!), a ripper, or a seasoned pro, ditch the ugly sweaters and grab one of these grinding gifts that'll make their skateboarding dreams come true. Remember, skateboarding isn't just a sport; it's a way of life, an art form, and the ultimate freedom for your inner freak. So, celebrate their passion and help them shred their way to Shangri-La with one of these epic gifts. And who knows, maybe you'll even inspire them to become the next Tony Hawk! Or, well, it doesn’t hurt to try.


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